And then they all come along at once

Ok so we unfortunately lost Magknits but now I have found two more online knitting mags, Flossie introduced me to the Twist collective and there are definitely a couple of patterns I could be tempted into buying I need to have a closer look but I wish that Wisteria cam in a larger size 🙂

Next on the 4th of August Knotions goes live and I also love the look of a couple of patterns in their preview.

Now I am trying to be good and trying to finish at least one thing before casting in anything else. I have been working hard on my Mittens but hit a slight snag.

 I love the thumb gusset which I have now finished and seperated the thumb stitches but I made the mistake of switching techniques about three inches into the mitten and my tension is very different, it is a little tighter, I have to say I think it makes the pattern a little better but have drawn in the size. See if you can spot the change point


I am really enjoying the challenge of the project although I got little done today as I was foundling the new yarn between customers today, we have Como by Debbie Bliss just in and a chunky Silk Garden Noro in some lovely greens I was very good though and am saving myself for the Malibrigo delivery 🙂

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  1. *sigh* I must come over to Stash and visit all this lovely new yarn…

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