Bitter Sweet

Ok the weather here is so much better today, it was so hot here yesterday we ended up doing something I would never normally dream of and left an electric fan going all night, Pete was so hot even wih nothing but his nappy on it was a last resort.

It was also so hot I daren’t use the computer for more than a couple of minutes as the fan was working overtime so I couldn’t show you my latest project.

I know I have just a few projects in the needles but I couldn’t resist, I have been so inspired by Rosealare (check out her Vinterblomster Mittens), Knittiana, Thumb Gusset and the wonderful Spin off magazine Wibbo gave me that I finally succumbed to doing some fairisle gloves. The pattern is from here and I am using some Lorna’s Laces from my Stash in the Bittersweet colour and a ball of 4ply Rialto which I absolutely love and am using 2.5 dpn’s. I am not great at colour work as my tension is usually on the tight side but so far I am very happy with it.



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5 responses to “Bitter Sweet

  1. Amy

    No fan! It is terrible here in the summer. The first thing I purchased when I moved to NYC (even before a BED!) was an air conditioner. I know they are evil to the environment, but I am EVIL when I don’t sleep.

  2. I know what you mean about the heat so computer time is at a minimum for me when I’m at home. Poor Pete, he’s really suffering – hope you can keep him cool.

    I’ve got a fan with a timer now so I can set it for two hours as I used to wake up cold when we didn’t but had to have something on because it was too hot to sleep without it. The other night, I woke up hot so had to switch it on again. My office at work is unbearable in this weather so I booked the day off so I can lounge about it shorts etc.

  3. you might find it helpful to have bowls of water in the same room as Pete ( not next to him of course) to cool down the air. Its hard for little ones when its too hot.
    I like the fairisle pattern!

  4. Lix

    Poor Pete! These things have to be done with little ones though. Mittens look amazing.

  5. Oooh that’s gorgeous! I love the way the colour stands out. It’s horribly hot, isn’t it. I’ve lent my fan to a friend with a one year old that also can’t sleep!

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