I am going to move into Stash

Yes thats it I am packing up me and Pete and moving into Stash with its lovely Air conditioning, I can’t wait till next Saturday to enjoy the coolness again especiall when are little man came out in this

Yes thats heat rash from top to toe, its not helping his mood either, which I understand as I would feel the same but doesn’t help when he is having a 15 minute screaming tantrum.

Moving in to other things, did everyone go out and buy their Guardian yesterday for the rebel Knitter section, I even managed to knit up a couple of the cup holders in the shop from some sample balls


I altered the pattern slightly, I removed a couple of stitches and did it in the round although I was a bit naughty and didn’t do the anti jog thing. Ithink I am going to make a couple more for myself to keep in my handbag.

If you didn’t get it it is online here

There are not many patterns in there that I will knit but hope this will not be the last of knitting we will see in the Guardian.


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One response to “I am going to move into Stash

  1. It was cool! I need to knit a new cup holder for work as mine is covered in tea stains…

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