Casting on pondering

What amazing weather, maybe a little warm but ok if you can find a breeze and plenty of sun block all round. I think we may have to break out the paddling pool, not for Pete you understand just for me to sit in and stay cool, not sure it would do a lot of good for my knitting.

It was a little hot last night for working on the socks so of course my mind starts to wander towards some new projects. Its seems like there are a lot of people at Stash either cast on or about to cast on for the February Lady Sweater from Flint Knits, and although I have the yarn in my stash I am not sure about the style for me at all, I usually prefer a v-neck and a little worried about having a line around my bust, so instead I pulled out a WIP that has been on the needles since before I started this blog, it is the Pacific grove Pullover  by Jill Vosburg which is a great modular project.

This is how far I have got to so far

Not a great photo I realise, but basically I have finished the back and am two blocks into the front, well last night I added another block and picked up for the fourth, I think I am going to try and finish this before the end of October so I can have it to use this winter. Oh I forgot to say that it is knitted in Calmer.

I am looking at a project to cast on for the Ravelry Olympics, I am looking at this beautiful shawl  (She doesn’t seem to have it on her blog yet but has it on her Ravelry account Izzy) but in reality with the time I have I am not going to have time to finish this project in two weeks so I think I have to lower my sights, ,maybe a pair of socks?


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