All white

Two days in a row, things must be looking up.

First here’s the spinning I was talking about

Not very exciting I know but it is my first spinning in over a year, in fact almost two years. I was inspired by a wonderful Sunday afternoon I had in Starbucks with Jane and Lucy with our drop spindles. It is mostly some lovely shetland with a hint of sparkle and angora with a few silk strands for good measure. What I liked about it the most is its consitent thickness, it has come out at  about a chunky and there is probably enough for a hat.

I have passed the heel on the sock, pictures tomorrow and now feel slightly better about it fitting instead I am now worried that I am not going to have enough yarn,

Anybody out there signed up for the Olympic Trials, I am not sure I am feeling that brave yet but there is still time to decide.



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2 responses to “All white

  1. Very pretty 🙂 Olympic trials?

  2. Glad you’re back! I’ve signed up for the Ravelry Olympics – doing the Shawl relay. Haven’t decided which pattern to do yet – it would be nice to choose something that’s actually finishable in the time! Jan x

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