I’m Baccckkk

Ok it looks like I might have cracked this thing 🙂 The lovely radishes in the picture above were part of  a lovely parcel of organic loveliness from Andy’s father in law, it also included a couple of varities of lettuce and some summer fruits which have become Pete’s new favourite.

We are starting to get into some sort of routine in the house and I am finally finding a little time to do some actual knitting. First up is the Off set wrap plan baby cardigan which is from Fyber duck

Although I like the design the pattern has many problems so make sure you check out the errata that they have on Ravelry. I have some lovely turquoise buttons from Rowan to finish it off but don’t think I am going to put a motif on it as I think that will make washing it more problimatic and as it is for a new born I don’t think the mum would appreciate that.

Next up is the show off Stranded socks from Anne Campbell

This is in Cherry Tree Hill for a friend, I have already cast this on once but decided it had come up to big and tried a couple of other patterns but this pattern and yarn just go together so I am trying again so be warned anyone who comes in to Stash on Saturday who looks like they have an average size foot I may be attacking you with a sock as I am still not convinced this isn’t coming out to large.

Talking of Stash if anyone is around on Saturday do drop in as it looks like I might be on my own for most if Saturday, I would love some knitting company.

More tomorrow including some spinning


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2 responses to “I’m Baccckkk

  1. Good to hear from again – the jacket has come on since last I saw it and you’re right about that sock pattern – it is very pretty!

  2. The jacket looks great! I do like your stranded sock.

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