As if its not bad enough trying not to be tempted on Saturday the shop has gone online, I even thought I had a good excuse about missing the sale as I was ill last week but they’re up there as well. Check it out here       Stash

Other than that still fighting with wordpress and pictures, really haven’t got the patience or time to fight with it at the moment, me and Pete are finally getting to end of the bug we had but poor Andy has now been struck down 😦 Pete is covered in spots, we have been to the doc she reckons that it is heat rash, I don’t think it is but I don’t think it is contagious, I think it may be a reaction to something not sure yet but keeping a close eye on him, he is not a very happy little soul at the moment.


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  1. Get well soon all of you! I was very tempted to make a trip to Stash today but have resisted so far. I looked on the online shop and sighed and aahed over the Shi Bui which I remember knitting when I met you in Romford.

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