Go and look

Sorry haven’t been around for a little while, have had the little black dog nipping at my heels but we are all ok, Pete is growing by the day and now has at least four teeth with a couple more on route and the walking is getting closer by the day.

The east London crochet group is keeping me on my toes and still making plans for more classes at Stash.

If you haven’t already you should go and check out Sue’s blog for a chance to raise some money for a good cause and be in with a chance of winning some fantastic prizes

The Big Pink Competition

edited *Sorry about that I seem to have put up the wrong link hopefully it now works




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3 responses to “Go and look

  1. Big hugs to the three of you, especially you, Nic.
    Not brill here either, virus for 3+ weeks and no voice for 2+. Feeling very isolated by this, plus no energy for anything much and so much to do. So feeling very frustrated and rather down myself. My first baby is 21 tomorrow – where did they go to, those years?
    Lots of love xxx

  2. Hugs to you. The black dog needs to get lost! I know how you feel though.

  3. Oh no, I hate it when the Black Dog strikes!
    If you do want to go to Greenbelt, it looks like I’ll be in Chelmsford the weekend before and will be taking the car over, so could collect your stuff then? There’s no hurry to let me know, doesn’t matter if it’s the week before! 😉

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