Pink Party and all that

Just a quick entry to say thank you to all that turned up to the Pink scumble party at Stash on Sunday, it was great afternoon and we have created some lovely pieces that will soon be winging there way to Melbourne. To see some great pics of the events check out Knittiotherapy who shows the full pinknessof the event, Including her wonderful pink iced lemon drizzle cake.

I also got to meet Jon of Easy Knits  who brought some of his new bamboo yarn with him, it was lovely and I almost didn’t make it out if there without a skein. I think I might have to get a skein of the blue faced leicester though 🙂

Sorry this is so short there is so much else I have to talk about but after a run in with a nut on Friday (for those who don’t know I have a slight nut allergy) and now my back giving me a bit of trouble I have been layed low for a couple of days, plus both the boys have a really bad colds 😦

We’ll be back up and running soon 

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  1. Hope you are feeling better now.

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