Catch Up

So many things to share so little time.

Of course we have just come back from Skip North where lots of wonderful people shared a great fluffy weekend, we had wheels a whizzing and needles a clicking all weekend, the passion that holds this group together was much in evidence. We had old and new faces but as ever there was a large amount of Stash enhancement and swapping of skill. We also for the first time welcomed babies, one of them of course was Pete, I would like to thank everyone for thier patience with Pete and all the help everyone gave me that made it possible for us to run this weekend. Me and Lixie are still debating its future but we had a good time so it is helpful.

A Flkr group has been started so just search for Skip North and you will see what we got up to, but just as a teaser here is Pete in the thick of it. chris-022.jpg

You can also see the great duck that Sue brought him for a present which kept him in stitches for hours.

My stash enhancement was to large but I got some lovely bits and pieces mostly for the new lessons I am getting Double Filet Crochet by the wonderful Babara Mann who I found through our local knitting group. It is something I have never done before and I am really enjoying the challenge of something new and am really looking forward to my second lesson tomorrow. Here is my completed home work for the class.

Front                                                          Back


I know I have a few ends to sew in

We have also been over for a weekend at Silkwood woth the bunnies amd helped organise Silkwood Yarns as Stash’s yarn on the month




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3 responses to “Catch Up

  1. can’t thank you and Lixie enough for organising such a wonderful weekend: you must put so much effort in! and where else could i find so many people able to give me advice on how to use (and shop for a) spinning wheel? the whole event was brilliant and young Pete and Max were a delight.

    Am most impressed by the double filet crochet. think I’ll need to improve my tension before I can do anything like that…

  2. Suse the slow knitta

    sounds like you all had a fab weekend, and your little man looks quite content ( bless)

  3. Thanks for a brilliant weekend, I am still on a high, despite driving home and then back up to Blackpool on Tuesday. I really hope this is organised again, let me know if you need any help next time.

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