Week goes by

And yet another week has flown by, I  really don’t know where the time goes. It was a busy day in Stash on Saturday as all the regulars where in, it was lovely to see everyone, thankfully it kept me so busy I didn’t fall under the spell of the Malibrigo lace weight. I have been in love with this yarn since I knootted up a swatch of it and now am trying very hard not to buy any. 
I seem to have got the photography bug this week and I am sure that Pete is sick of me turning the camera on him but he is growing so fast and I notice changes every day. His speech is coming on in leaps and bounds and I don’t think we are too far off crawling and I now have to watch him when we are in a shop as he will try and grab things off the shelf. In myself I have been a little stressed for several reasons, we won’t talk about my aborted attempt to get to Liberty to see Carolyn last Thursday but all I will say that I really hate London Transport. Starting to feel a little better this evening as Andy is doing night duty tonight so I have a little time for myself.
Hopefully we will have a Romford knitting group this weekend if anyone is interested, 2pm at the Starbucks in the Brewery.
I’ll leave you with one of my favourite shots of the week.


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5 responses to “Week goes by

  1. Roo

    Malabrigo laceweight is just divine. I am wearing my MS3 knitted in the very same now and it is lovely and soft.
    Pete is so cute…

  2. raker


    Glad it’s all going well for you, xxx raker

  3. He’s gorgeous! I’m going to beg and beg pao to drive me 🙂

  4. Carolyn

    I’m SO sorry to have added to the stress of your week, and even sorrier that London Transport made it impossible for you to get to Liberty’s — it would have been lovely to see you and to meet the boy! Thanks for making the effort.

    I had a great visit — went to I Knit London on Friday afternooon and met Gerard and celia (both absolutely lovely and welcoming), then to a knitting night at the Design Museum in Shad Thames that night (heavy on design students, light on knitting). And they let me take my needles on the plane both ways, so lots of knitting done while crossing the Atlantic.

    Will give you more notice next time, and maybe get down to Stash as well!


  5. Aww, he is so cute!! I love your mittens!

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