Cheeky Boy

Couldn’t resist this picture although a little blurry, its that all knowing look when you tell him something, he is a little adult.


Had a bit of a busy week last week but did enjoy my first day back at Stash although I didn’t enjoy the journey whoch involved 8trains and six buses get there and back, where as usually its two trains and six buses. I understand that there has to be repairs made to the tube lines but do they have to do them all at once.

Lixie came over on Sunday and Andy managed to interview both of us about Skip North for her Podcast, if you haven’t caught it yet go have a listen. We also started Pete on rice  and milk porridge which was interesting but he seems a little happier now. He seems to be sleeping a bit better.

I have really started to miss spinning this week especially after seeing the lovely yarn on Velma’s worlds site



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3 responses to “Cheeky Boy

  1. That is a ridiculous journey! Pete looks very cute 🙂

  2. What a lovely photo Nic! J x

  3. So much fun to hear you on the podcast! I can’t wait to hear all the stories about the skipnorth trip & great yarn deals.

    Awwww….little Pete is dreamy….Just dreamy!

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