Actual Knitting

So I have actually managed to do some knitting this week, first up I started a lacey scarf in this wonderful silk and Wool Socks that Rock that Michelle and Nathalie brought me for Christmas but didn’t like the way it was pooling so will try another pattern, I don’t think I want to make socks as the colour of this skein is so pretty.


Next up is this strange thins, I know the colours aren’t quite right but Pete will nevery notice, it will eventually be a tank top as we have found the one that Dawn knitted for us amazingly useful this winter, I couldn’t resist the fairisle after looking at Jane’s beautiful mittens. 


And I couldn’t resist sharing this wonderful picture of Pete and this great book his aunt brought for him. 




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5 responses to “Actual Knitting

  1. ooh, I see he’s wearing the little vest I made (great thing about no sleeves is that it lasts longer!). He looks grown up lying there reading!!

  2. oh, he looks so cute, reading his book.

  3. Carolyn

    Hi, Nic! It’s been so much reading up on Pete — sounds like life is good all around. I’ll be over from NYC next week for a long weekend and lan to stop by Liberty on Thursday — if you’re there, it would be great to see you again!

  4. Gorgeous yarn, I agree to nice to put on feet and hide in shoes. Pete is growing up so fast!

  5. He’s going to be tall and clever and arty 🙂

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