Happy New Year

I can’t even begin to list what happened in the last year, well a certain young man won’t give me that sort of time 🙂

We did have a lovely christmas and new year with lots of family from both sides visiting. We saw the new year on last night just the three of us watching the fireworks  on the door step counting our blessings.

I have managed to at least finish one piece of knitting this year, of course no pictures but you can go and check it out on Lixie’s blog.

Skip North plans are all going well, just trying to finalize the classes.

Our biggest blessing 🙂




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5 responses to “Happy New Year

  1. Linda

    Happy New Year to the three of you Nic. Hope to see you in 2008.

  2. rooknits

    Happy New Year Nic, he is such a cutie!

  3. *** mwah!******

    Please plant a big smooch on his little cheek for me.
    Wishing you health & happiness & lots of cuddles in 2008.
    All my love,
    Susan xxx

    *You found Jack! Hurray!!**

  4. All my love and best wishes for 2008, Nic 🙂
    Your little guy is sooooo gorgeous….
    Sarah xXx

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