Ok so I am going to pretend I have any time to myself and am going to sign up for Nanowrimo again along with Kerry, now I know in reality there is no way I am going to finish but I need something to strech my mind at the moment as although phsically exhausted my brain is keeping me awake at night.


Cold wose we are getting there but unfortunately it seems to have brought the collic back a little. Andy and me have both had slight colds as well so all in all its been a fun week. We have had a visit from the wonderful Laura and further discussions about Skip North 🙂

I still have pictures to take and post, I am a bad blogger at the moment.

Oh and before I forgot Jane has posted her sock pattern in aid of raising funds for Breast Cancer so you should go and check it out.



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3 responses to “Madness

  1. Hi Nic
    I’ve joined NaBloPoMo!! I’m NOT writing a novel in a month! I think it will be challenge enough to just post each day.

    Chris thinks I’ve gone mad, with all of these naneeemooobloo chatter!

  2. Hehe – glad you’re keeping busy!

  3. Amy

    Hi Nic!

    I didn’t bother to even say I would do the novel project this year. I was tempted to just take up with the one I started last year…………How is it going?

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