We have had a fun week, for some unknown reason the little one for two nights in a row refused to be put down to sleep, up to now he had been pretty good and was starting to get a good routine and we were actually getting some blocks of sleep but all of a sudden this happened, now thankfully it seems to have resolved itself. Obviousley this means I can’t sleep!!!!!

The little mana had his first jabs today and all was well he now weighs 13lbs 1oz. He seemed to take it very well and it was an interesting oppurtunity to compare him with other babies of the same age. He is definitely longer than most and very alert, he even impressed the health visitor with his vocal skills. We do still have very dry skin and not a great routine for feeding but it will come in time.

We are still getting wonderful gifts and I promise another update on those soon.

I had a wonderful weekend, meeting up with both Lixie and Jane in Romford and I think we are going to try and set up a regular knitting group in Romford. How about the last Sunday in the month?

Talking of Jane go and check out her breast aware socks, the funds go to a great cause.

Lixie and me spent someitme sorting out a few mor details for Skip North and the me and me showed her the sights of Romford.

Me and Pete are going to try and get to Ally Pally on Friday unfortunately I think I am going to miss everyone:(



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6 responses to “Success

  1. You can’t miss me – I’ll be there with some of the regulars . The stand is in the Great Hall this year – not sure where but will let you know after I’ve done the set up today.

  2. me too! And Jill. I’m still waiting for tickets, hope the postmen catch up.

  3. Ruth


    I would be interested in joining you for a monthly knitting session – as a fellow romfordian! Would be nice to have some real knitting pals!

  4. Jill

    and Jacinta and Amelia, and Ingrid, Jill and Fiona from Stash – I think you’ve picked the right day!

  5. I’m going to miss Ally Pally this year 😦 It is Sue’s memorial service on Friday and I just can’t face the crowds on Sat or Sun. I’ll look forward to hearing about it from you!

  6. Glad you are getting Pete off to a good start. He needs to get used to lots of yarn early!

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