Positive thoughts

Ok so this was going to be a really negative post after having a bit of a rough day at the end of last week but have decided that rather than my normal rant and rave I thought I might try and look at the positive side of things, I know unusual for me.

To start with I am thankful for the bus drivers that take the trouble to actually pull up to the kerb close enough that I can get the buugy off without having to actually carry the whole thing off. In the same vane I am so grateful for the people that take the time to notice that a woman or man for that matter may be struggling with either stairs or buses with a buggy especially when lifts are out of order and take the time to help, funnily enough both of these things have recently become very important to me for some reason 🙂

I am also grateful for the strong wonderful women around me that help everytime I have a problem with Pete, what I would do with out their advice and encoragement and their example of how to be a good Mum especially when I am having doubts, I am also grateful to my male friends as well but there is something quite specific about being a mum.

I am also grateful for the sign zone on BBC1 as it means I have some interesting programmes to watch in the middle of the night rather than those quiz things.

And of course I am grateful for Andy who is a wonderful dad and gives me time to even get some knitting done 🙂



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7 responses to “Positive thoughts

  1. It gets easier, don’t worry. And you’ll even get a full eight hours straight sleep again….one day. (I’d forgotten about the Sign Zone, lol!)

  2. lyndseyjane

    I too love BBC sign zone, an insomniacs dream! Hope things get better soon!

  3. Kirstie

    It’s strange, to me at least, how the world treats pregnant women with respect, as very important beings. And then, as soon as the baby is born, begins to act like mothers with babies are in the way and an encumbrance. Mothering is vital, and important, work. Please take your time, realise what a huge job you are doing, hopefully enjoy it much of the time, and ignore the ignorance of the rest of the world. Peter seems to be doing very, very well from what I can see of your blog. Congratulate yourselves and knit what you like! Kirstie

  4. kathryn


  5. I agree with Kirstie, I remeber all the smailig help I had as a pregnant mum, doors opening, cars stopping etc but as soon as I was pushing a buggy I had to avoid being run over and pushed out the way. It is the same for wheelchair users.

    I had a friend who used to run workshops on being happy. He said the secret of happiness was gratitude.

  6. Cazzie

    As has already been said it does get easier – you go thro a steep learning curve when you become a Mum – enjoy watching little Pete grow and his discovery of his world 🙂 Love the knitting

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