Short and sweet

Another short and sweet entry I am afraid, the reflux in the little man is still going strong so don’t get much of a chance to put him down but recently I have, well we have been getting out a lot more, firstly a couple of Sundays ago we met up with Lixie on Romford for coffee and and breif visit to hobbycraft, cut short by a certain little man needing a feed but we did get a chance to decide that there will be a Skip North next year so keep an eye on the website for further details or you could join the Skip North group on Ravelry.

I also managed to get to the local knitting group on Friday, a small and select number at our local library that meets once a month.

Then on Sunday Lucy, Kerrie (and family) and Mr and Mrs Pao met me and Little Pete in Romford for coffee and knitting which was fantastic, not that I got any knitting done but it is nice to speak to adults other than Andy, not that I am complaining about Andy but he must feel the same after a month of me moaning about knitting and babies 🙂 

Here is Brooke having a cuddle of Little Pete


And here is Mrs Pao woth some wonderful colour sock yarn and Lucy and Kerrie.

mrspao.jpg kerrielucy.jpg

I don’t think our local Starbucks new what hit them to be honest.

I also managed to get to Stash for a quick visit yesterday, that was a little more challenging as Pete has had the snuffles for the last couple of days so not his usual happy self but it was nice seeing everyone no matter how briefly. I also managed to thank the knitting group there for the lovely blanket that they made Pete, you can see it in the background of most of these pics, Pete loves it as his play blanket. For better pics, with out the baby sick check out Ingrids blog.

Ok I am trying to keep up with the wonderful gifts that Pete has been sent, we also got some more on Sunday but haven’t photographed them yet, and here are a few not in any order just as I remember to take a picture of them, they forget to tell you when you become pregnent that you lose your memory.

Firstly there was this cute jacket from Linda, and wonderful coloured tank top from Dawn which came with a hat and bib which of course I can’t find the photo of at the moment.

linda.jpg  dawntank.jpg

Then Adrienne sent this wonderful jacket made from Alpaca Silk as well as one of Andys favourite T-shirts, it goes great with Pete’s Jeans. 

adriennej.jpg  adriennt.jpg

Adrienne also sent us this cute Star is born gift set to dye but at the rate Pete is going through clothes it was immediately put to use, this was the same with the wonderful gift set that Fern sent us.

  adriennek.jpg  fern.jpg

This wonderfully soft Jumper from Wye Sue


and this wonderful sleep suit and T-shirts from Jan.


There is more to come but have already left Andy to it for long enough I will just leave you with a snap shot of Pete on one of our day trips into Romford with disco mouse.



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4 responses to “Short and sweet

  1. It was really great to see you, Pete and everyone on Sunday 🙂 We had a great time and look forward to the next one!

  2. Cute, cute Pete! I can’t believe he’s only 5 weeks old!
    I’m glad that you’re getting out and about a bit more, it can’t be much fun stuck in with a baby (no offence, Pete!)

  3. Wow little Pete has huge feet! At least thats what it looks like on the photo of him and Brooke.
    Glad you are getting out a bit more; cabin fever starts to set in after a while doesn’t it?
    I don’t know if you have tried it already but if Pete is hard to settle because of the reflux (or just generally, really), a sling might be a good idea for you because you could have him close and still get things done. Probably one of the ones that you can have them upright towards you would be best with reflux but they always worked a trick on Lou. She had awful colic and would scream from 4pm till anywhere up till midnight and had to be held/fed until she settled herself down and the sling was a godsend.
    Yay to skipnorth. Better start saving now then…and using the yarn up that I bought this year!
    Take care

  4. Jill

    It was so great to see you and meet Pete at Stash – what a heroic journey that was, right across London. I’d like to see Michael Palin try that one some time……

    Pete is gorgeous, and looks so bonny. Pleased to hear you are getting out and about, it takes a great effort but it is worth it, and it does become easier.

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