Just a quick entry while I have free arms for a few moments, just to say that we are ok just the normal new parent exhaustion, the best bit being that you think you’ve cracked the sleeping to a routine and then Little Pete decides not to want to sleep between 4am and 6am 😦 We will get there in the end though.

We  have been over whelmed with the wondereful gifts that we have been recieving and I feel really bad about not getting them up on the blog but I promse at some point we will manage to document them all but thank you to Adrienne, Jan, Dawn, Linda, all the ladies at Stash, Dan and Luciana and Mark and everyone at the studio they are all treasured gifts.


Now he has reached 10 pounds 14 ounces so growing well.

Oh just a thought I know its a bit late in the week but I wondered if anyone wanted to come and meet up for some knitting on Sunday in the star bucks in Romford with me and Pete? I know a little late notice just a thought.



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  1. He looks so long! He’ll be running around in no time.

  2. He’s lovely! I might be interested if I can persuade pao to drive …

  3. rosealare

    Awww, he’s grown!

    I think I should be able to make it. I shall come and knit my Jaywalker – see the influence your sockclass had! Let me know when.

  4. hipknitskerrie

    oooh – I’ll come on Sunday – what time and where is the starbucks in Romford? I’d love to meet him for real and I have a package for Mrs Pao so that could work out for the best!

  5. Lix

    Engineering works on tube mean I can’t get to Stratford to get the train but count me in for future ones!

  6. Glad all is well, I’m afraid I’m going to visit Mr. Flossie this weekend (and paying a visit to the show at the NEC while I’m there:o) ) but I’d love to meet up one weekend soon.

    Love to all xxx

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