Still here

Ok so nothing exciting to report about me and Peanut, we are still as as they say and am starting to suffer for it like other pregnant women at the end, I am very uncomfortable and finding sleeping a nightmare which makes me a not very nice person sometimes and other times very blue. A couple of things have brought a smile to my face this week, firstly Nathalie sent some things over for Peanut along with this cute present from Ellen, it really deserves a better picture but it is the cutest little hat with ears, plus she sent the remaining pink yarn as well. It is so cute.


Secondly we actually managed to get out of the house last night together, we went to a signing by one of Andy’s heroines Suzy Quatro at the local Waterstones, I have to say she looked amazing and we didn’t have to queue for to long and I managed to get a couple of pictures of Andy with her. He was very cute he turned into a teenage boy all over again 🙂


And then we treated ourselves and went to our local chinese buffet restuarant which as ever was fantastic, they always look after us really well and I get to indulge in what ever craving I have and at the moment duck is high on the list, Peanut also appreciated it as he/she started disco dancing. I have paid for it today a bit, I didn’t sleep well and have been very blue all day but a little better now.

I also got this wonderful award from Jane


and now I get the chance to nominate some people, which is going to be realy hard as so many people have already recieved it so sorry if you have already been nominated.

First up is Yvonne who introduced me into this mad world of knitting that I have come to be a part of and is always great inspiration.

Second up is Yarn Punk whose hand spun yarn always inspires me as well as her other art projects.

Thirdly is Knittiana, who not inly intriduced me to Ravelry but has been wonderful to compare notes with about being pregnant 🙂

Oh there are so many more but hips starting to ache more tomorrow 🙂


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4 responses to “Still here

  1. Ah the home straight, I remember it well, and doubly horrid in this warm weather. Hope peanut doesn’t keep you waiting too long, can’t wait to see her in all those gorgeous outfits! Take care xx

  2. That is the most adorable hat I’ve ever seen. Sorry to hear you’re in the wars a bit – let’s hope you get some good rest soon. In the meantime get Andy to give you a shoulder rub and relax with a good radio show – there’s some good comedy on Radio 4’s Listen Again device. Will be thinking of you and hoping the weather stays not too hot! xx

  3. Peanut will be here soon! Hooray!

  4. Thanks for the award – I can’t believe you are thinking of things like this when Peanut is getting ready to arrive!

    Enjoy the last few days of peace!

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