Best dressed Baby in Town

Or should I say will be when Peanut decides to make an appearence. Look what Maylin sent us all the way from France, how Chic.


 It is also appropriate as Peanut will be a Leo, and yes the purple in the fore ground is Peanut getting in on the act 🙂

We also got another wonderful parcel this one from Jane this morning that Andy immediatley called Peanuts Windy Miller top.


Its 100% cotton so perfect for this hot weather.

And it was wrapped up with this wonderful ribbon


Which has these wonderful pictures showing you how to knit on it 🙂


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4 responses to “Best dressed Baby in Town

  1. Glad you like the top – the new name is perfect. I have given you an award – details on my blog!

  2. raker

    love the Windy Miller top – and if Peanut is anything like my Miss Kitty, it will be all too appropriate…

    Stay well

  3. Oui, oui ~ tres chic!

    Love that ‘knitting’ ribbon. It’s fantastic.

    Now…Feet up!

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