Back again

Ok so I was going to post yesterday abiut what a winderful day I had had on Thursday, Andy made me a cake and we finished tie dying the white baby grows which turned out fantastic, but sorry no pics yet unfortunately Peanut had other ideas after my visit to the nurse yesterday morning I was sent down to the Labour ward triage again as my blood pressure was up again so I had more blood taken and the baby monitered and then sent home again, Peanut is fine and I just have to take it easy and go back Sunday morning to have another check. The best thing that came from the visit is that the midwife Peanut may be with us sooner rather than later and they had managed to get the air conditionong working.

So I am off to go and eat pineapple and put my feet up, a more detailed account will be forthcoming I promise



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5 responses to “Back again

  1. I can’t wait for Peanut to arrive… I am so curious!!! He, She? How big, how long, oh so cute! Oh and keep those feet up!

  2. Glad to hear everything is going well. I was in Stash this morning, we’re all looking forward to news about Peanut!

    Lots of love, keep resting, Alice xx

  3. Amy

    Take care Nic! I know it is getting to be tough, but you are in the home stretch now! Can’t wait to see pictures of Mr. or Miss Peanut.


  4. keep well and keep us informed! I know the knitting grapevine is excellent and as soon as Peanut is here we will here one way or the other!
    You’re really on the home run now, just a matter of a few weeks!

  5. Hooray for Peanut arriving sooN!

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