Little Post

Sorry these are all in very short bursts as I am not really supposed to be at the computer to long but I thought I would let everyone know that everything is fine and still being looked after wonderfully by Andy 🙂

I do have a bit of a moan, not about my midwife who has proved herself to be absolutely wonderful after a bit of a false start and all the others I have encountered, I thing they do an amazing job but there just seems to be a lack of them and they are all over worked. My appointment for this afternoon was cancelled, now this was an appointment my midwife made because of the worry of my blood pressure and the next appointment they could give me was the day before Peanut is due over two weeks away!! Now I know its not her fault but if I felt more myself and with any energy I would be protesting to someone as all the way along the line most of my problems have been caused by delays in getting appointments and also not recieving any ante natal classes due to the fact that there is no one to give the class, this can’t be right. Now I know I am probably a little more paranoid as I am a first time mum but I can’t be the only one, I am lucky that I have had wonderful support form everyone but there have to be women out there that don’t have this. Sorry just had to vent my frustrations, I have been practical about it though and have booked an appointment with the surgery nurse to at least check my blood pressure and if I have any other signs I am afraid I will be calling Labour triage again 😦

Ok enough moaning from me, I am off to go and see if I can find something to do that doesn’t give me a headache!


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5 responses to “Little Post

  1. I hope that you get sorted out properly! Big hugs to you!

  2. Have a (hug), it’s terrible that you aren’t getting the level of care you should be, purely because there aren’t the midwives available to do it. I’d imagine the midwives are as frustrated as you are with it. Definately go to the hospital the minute you don’t feel right, you can’t be too careful.

    2 weeks though, that’s not long, before you know it there’ll be a peanut in those rainbow babygrows.

    Take care,

    Gemma xxxx

  3. Hope you are putting your feet up and taking care of yourself. I’m sure everything will be fine. Nature has a way of taking over in these matters! Good luck hun xx

  4. I know everyone is probably saying the same…But it will be okay. Your little Peanut will be here soon and (hopefully) all the troubles you have w/the hospital staff will be a distant memory.
    I hope the situation will improve for you, but in the meantime…keep those feet up!
    Sending you a big hug from California and can’t wait to meet little Peanut. Are you out of your head with excitement!?!?!? You have been so good about waiting. My niece is due the same as time as you. She is expecting a little boy. We are all very anxious here.
    Hang in there Nic,
    Susan xxx
    (needles at the ready for boyPeanut/girlPeanut mystery baby item!)

  5. sorry I haven’t checked in for a whle – so glad to hear that everyone is well, and don’t worry about the moaning – it’s totally understandable (and the nightmares in maternity are predictable too, so try and bear with them and not let them add to your frustrations)

    all this will soon be in the dim and distant past once Peanut arrives and your focus is on him/her. . .

    so get it out of your system now!

    hope all continues to go well – now, log off and go back and put your feet up while you can!


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