More Wonderful gifts

So another quick update, we are still doing fine but seems to involve a lot of me sleeping otherwise my headache comes back so not a lot happening around here at the moment, even my knitting is taking a back seat as |I can’t concentrate on anything complicated, I have almost finished another baby jumper for Brigid but am definitely lacking behind on the Mystery Stole. I am managing to eek out Harry Potter though, a little each day so no spoilers please 🙂

I have had some great parcels this week first up was this wonderful outfit that Flossie made for Peanut.


Isn’t ot fantastic, I love all the stripes.

And then this arrived from France


Some more dyes to finish off our tie dye and a wonderful CD for relaxing to, perfect at the moment. Thank you Maylin.

Sorry so short again going back to laying down again:)



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5 responses to “More Wonderful gifts

  1. Hang in there – not long now. Do rest as much as you can you will need your energy later – they don’t call it labour for nothing!

  2. How lovely 🙂 I agree with maylin – rest now whilst you still can!

  3. Ah, glad it arrived safely and you like it. Good job you like stripes, let’s hope Peanut likes them too!


  4. Take good care of yourself and get lots of rest. It sounds like it won’t be long now – and at least you know what to expect when you get to the labour ward next time!

  5. You get plenty of rest. Take it from someone who knows all about high blood pressure, swollen ankles/feet, dodgy hips and headaches when pregnant. NOT to be messed with, but worth all the pain in the end! BTW it didn’t happen with the second one 🙂 !!!!

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