Hands Up

Ok so hands up those whose spent most of yesterday afternoon and evening in the Labour Ward triage, just me then, well ok I know that isn’t true as it was packed. Before I cause any panic, I am fine, Peanut is fine and Andy survived the trip, as I mentioned yesterday I had promised my midwife that if I had any other symptoms to add to my high blood pressure I would head straight in well I started having a really bad headache at about 3pm yesterday even though I had spent the day resting and by half four it was still as bad so we called triage and they said come in, so seven and a half hours later we were released, my blood pressure had risen again but had started to go back down although not all the way back to where it should be but Peanut was monitered for 20mins and showed that he/she was more than fine so they kept an eye on me for a bit and took some blood and thankfully decided rather than waiting for the blood results that I could come home. They did ring back with the results to say that the bloods were fine this morning and just to take it easy.

Although it was a bit of a wasted journey we did learn several things, firstly make sure that the lift at the Maternity enterance is working before you get out of the cab otherwise you have to walk a long way! Wear as little as possible as the entirity of Maternity is like a sauna. Take your own pillow, takes snacks and drinks and a good book. The most improtant thing of all that I learned is that they have some wonderful midwifes who took great care of me and am feeling a lot more relaxed about going in now:)

So I am back to taking it easy so I know I owe people e-mails I will try and get back on again a little later but I am trying to keep my time on the computer short between putting my feet up.

Oh one last thing, I don’t know how many of you remember but when me and Andy went to Greenbelt last year I got a chance to meet up with Anne to knit and now look at what is happening the year I can’t make it

Never mind Chas & Dave’s Jabber, Jabber ­ this is Knitter Natter
The Angel Lounge at Greenbelt 07

The Angel Lounge on Festival Monday at 11am brings to you ‘The
Knitting Circle’ with Greenbelt Trustee Jenny Baker – wool and needles
supplied on a first-come-first served basis, or bring your own.

Come on in and knit one, pearl one, and chat…

Oh well hopefully it will be so successful it will still be going the following year:)



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3 responses to “Hands Up

  1. Oh, Oh, OH!!! And I’m not going to be there this year either – we’ve left it too late to book accommodation that wouldn’t leave us needing to mortgage the children. (I know, I know, there’s camping, but after last year, I really don’t feel like camping – not least we don’t have a tent after ours was stolen on our way home…)

    Glad to hear that all’s well with peanut – I remember having to spend two nights in hospital after admitting myself with a headache the week before Adam was born – I felt a complete fraud, but they weren’t going to let me go anywhere. (Still, I got an extra scan at which point I decided on the name Adam – although I still didn’t know whether I was having a boy or a girl.)

    I’m wittering.

    Oh, oh, OH! again about GB.

    Take care.

  2. Just wanted to give you and Peanut a huge hug. I know I haven’t been in touch, I’ve been up to my eyeballs and I feel really bad about it. I’m stealing 30 seconds from work to send this. Hope you’re both well. Much love, Anna xxx

  3. Glad to hear everything went ok at the hospital. Sending you all a massive hug x

    Greenbelt sounds like it will be great fun! I expect it will be fantastic next year with lots of people wanting to cuddle Peanut.

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