Another Quick Update

So the good news is that after my self inflicted bed rest my legs and feet are back to normal unfortunately at my Midwife appointment today I found out my blood pressure has jumped up (It has been normal up till now) and although I was almost sent to the labour ward triage the midwife decided that as I had no other symptoms of anything being wrong and if I promised if I had any more side effects to take myself straight to Triage and too take it easy she let me home. So am back to taking it bery easy so blogging will be limited as sitting at the computer to long hurts my hips, I di promise to let people know if anything changes.

Oh I forgot to say that Jan asked a very good questions a  couple of posts ago about how fast the dye was in our tie dye, well just to put peoples mind at rest I have put them all through the washing machine twice already and they don’t run so Peanut won’t be turning a funny colour anytime soon.



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6 responses to “Another Quick Update

  1. Hug! Not too long now 🙂

    Glad to hear you are resting!

  2. Roo

    I hope you are getting some good rest. Good luck with everything :0)

  3. Parcel posted yesterday…please let me know when it has arrived!


  4. lix

    Just let me know if there is anything I can do…

  5. Keep those feet up! Hope they return to normal size soon, not long to go now, I remember that last bit well (hug)

  6. Behave yourselfand do nothing! The dyes were a ixture of hot and cold so I sent the lot, hope you can make use of them, they are pretty old.

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