Colour, colour and yet more colour

I had a great time yesterday when Sue came over for the day to help me tackle a tie dye project.

She brought the best cake with her.


Its a gluten free Lemon Drizzle cake and is amazingly yummy.

She  came over also bearing gifts, I knew there was something I forgot to take pictures of, tomorrow I promise, they are some great little outfits for Peanut.

The project she cam over to tackle was mine of Tie dyeing a lot of the white baby stuff we have very kindly been given. It turned out to be a large project thanks to all you wonderful people.

First up was the tieing and sewing up until we had this small pile of clothes


This turned out to be just the first load 🙂 and I still have a few more larger sizes to do.

It took us most of the day with Sue being wonderful and going out and finding more Dylon as the Woolies that I can manage to get to only had three colours 😦 Andy kept us well fed and watered through out the day and Sue was wonderful as the day went on and I started to flag a little as feet and hips started to object to all this activity.

Eventually we ended up with this small collection


These are some of my favourites of those which are dry.


picture-030.jpgI like this one as it looks like a spine all down the front:)

So my thanks goes to Sue after a wonderful and productive day.

I have paid for it today though and have spent most of it resting and even fell asleep for a couple of hours this afternoon. I have no real energy to knit today either which is unusual.

Oh one last thing I am definitely losing e-mails, one way or the other, I still haven’t quite worked out if it is me losing incoming e-mail or my outgoing e-mails, just to say I answer all my e-mails with 48hrs usually and reply to all comments, so if you think that we have missed each other this way please try me either through Ravelry or via



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7 responses to “Colour, colour and yet more colour

  1. Jan b

    Wow! What a clever idea! Your baby will certainly be the most colourful and stylish individual baby in Essex!

    Are the colours fast? as they will be in and out of the washing machine so much, it would be a shame if the colours run into each other.

    I like the rib effect one too, so cute. Jan xxx

  2. Wow, they are fab! Peanut is going to be one seriously funkily dressed baby!

  3. Go on rub it in that you are on Ravelry and lots of us aren’t yet 🙂

    I have some odd tins of Dylon would you like them? email me at maylin(dot)tan(at)tiscali(dot)fr

  4. I love those tie dyes!!

  5. Lix

    Amazing. So cool.

  6. Those are SERIOUSLY cool baby clothes!

  7. Great! I’ve already started collecting plain white baby gro’s and such from the charity shops purely for tie-dyeing!

    They look really cool 🙂

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