A quick entry

Just to let you know that we are fine, we went for a tour of the maternity department today and saw the labour rooms, all of which seemed lovely, beautiful and clean and a choice of a shower or a bath and then the transission tooms where I will get to share with three other women. We even got a sneal peak into the special baby unit. I am still unsure about a couple of things but feel a lot more informed than I did.

Knitting wise I am working on more hats for brigid.


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4 responses to “A quick entry

  1. abi

    I’m glad you’ve had your tour. I’m sure there are still lots of questions that you have as it is such an exciting and mysterious thing. Do you have pregnant friends to share your ideas with ? Or recently birthed friends? I am listening to Little Earthquakes on tape which is about 4 pregnant ladies and I’m sure it’s doing far too much to put me off babies but then my friend brought her 5 day (!) old round for a visit and I remembered the attraction. The shawl looks lovely.

  2. I’m glad it’s put your mind at ease a little. I’m sorry I missed your baby shower – had family commitments. Looked like a good’un though!

    Laura x

  3. Linda

    So pleased all is going well Nic – nearly there!!

  4. Nic, ‘beautiful and clean’ are definitely plus points! Keep well, J x

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