Testing one two three

Sorry no pics today, can’t face fighting with my picture editor so will try and post some tomorrow 🙂

I have had a very strange weekend, I really missed being at work, not that I think that if I had actually managed to get there that I would have been any good but I wasn’t quite sure what to do with myself and couldn’t really settle, it also proved to me how isolating this is going to be, especially as I was still suffering from doing some shopping the day before.

Andy went out with his mate Chris yesterday to see a mutual friend play at festival in Kent so had the house to myself, what was nice is that dad managed to come over and visit for the first time although it took a lot out of him as we didn’t take people going to Wembley to Live Earth into consideration. It took him three hours in the end and he was a little stiff when he got here. I think that the care he got with the Mobility scheme is fantastic and gives him great independence but I think it has come at a price to his continued rehabilitation, where as he used to walk down to our local news agent every day now he goes in the car so his walking has deteriated since the last time I saw him. Besides that we had a nice afternoon together and he got to see the house before he headed back.

I spent most of the rest of the day knitting clue 2 in the Mystery Stole along, which I am loving, and watching Live Earth, although as the evening carried on I had to switch it off as I got more and more frustrated  with the interviews between the preformances. Ok so I can understand ,just, why Johnathen Ross had to be sceptical about the information we were being given about how we could each help our enviroment after all the criticism after Live 8 that the BBC got about being a balanced view. What was winding me up was the number of guests who had appeared on the stage as part of the concert, usually presenting information between acts, to then being interviewed casting doubt on what use doing any of the recommendations could do to help, now why would you agree to go on a concert with very clear aims when you don’t believe in what the concert is trying to promote, call me cynical but it whiffs a bit of self promotion and hypocrisy.

Of course this wasn’t helped by the fact that I was very tired which may have squewed my judgement a little.

One last note, I think that my e-mail is misbehaving at the moment, if you have sent me a message and haven’t recieved a reply that you were expecting or if you were expecting a message from me could you e-mail me again 🙂 Or leave me a comment, I think it is to do with the new anti virus sysyem we put on the computer.



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4 responses to “Testing one two three

  1. I agree with you about Jonathan Ross, he was very annoying. I can’t understand what is supposed to be so great about him anyway, he is not funny, and sounds like Daffy Duck! The music was good though, you have to admit.
    Enjoy your free time now, you’ll appreciate it later. Happy knitting!

  2. I think that would have annoyed me too. Glad your dad was able to come over.

  3. Lix

    hello! just wait til this wedding is out the way, then I can get back to seeing friends again! Glad mystery stole is going well. Have been quite curious about it but managed to resist. Maybe the next one?! Love to andy x

  4. Sue

    Hi Nic,
    tries to email but no joy, now my BT line is down ’til Saturday due to ‘vandalism’ so I’m getting my interwebs where I can!


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