Ok so I knew it was to good to be true, we have been inundated by so many wonderful gifts that I managed to let a couple escape the camera, my excuse is that I had them by my armchair for reading already:)

First up is one of my favourite childrens books, well one of a series of books by Jill Murphy which was a wonderful addition to Jans Blanket.

Secondly is a book I desperately wanted as have had conversations with a number of other mothers about the use of reflexology and massage with babies and wanted to give it a go, so my thanks goes to Kim for this one and can’t wait to give it a go 🙂  


Also this week another Jill Murphy book arrived in the post, unfortunately it had no sign of who had sent it at all, so I would really love to thank the person personally so please let us now.


And finally it is more than just a cardboard box,


This is the wonderful high chair that my Sister brought us, which converts into a small table and chair as Peanut grows. Andy successfully managed to wrestle it into submission earlier this week.

I haven’t managed to do a lot this week as I was absolutely exhausted from the weekend, it took more out of me than I thought as have managed to sleep on and off for up to 12 hours a day which is very unusual. I did go for another scan on Wednesday, no pretty pictures this time as Peanut was feeling a little shy but he/she is in the right position and already quite low down and is already about five pounds in weight but my doctor assured me not to big. In fact she was very pleased with me as although I probably tick more high risk boxes than any other of her patients I have given her little or no trouble, maybe I should complain more 🙂

We have also organised to go on the labour ward tour next week.

I have done a little knitting, I finished the first clue for The Mystery Stole Three


You can’t really see the beads on this picture and am still a little unsure about them, but its to late now as I am already around 12 rows into clue two.

I have also started another jumoer for Brigid and am working on another project as well.

My mobility is definitely going down hill so no more big outings for me as even the thought of a trip to the library takes some planning these days 🙂

All in all though had a fantastic week 🙂 only 5 weeks 6days to go.



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  1. I’m so sorry I missed your baby shower. . .

    Jill Murphy is wonderful!


    xxx and hugs all round

  2. Those feet motif are amazing. Hope all keeps going ok!

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