First of all an apology for all of those on dial up, this post is going to take a while to down load as it has a mountain of pics in it.

It has been a tremendous weekend where I have been coninually overwhelmed by people. I had my last day of work until after Peanut arrives on Saturday in Stash where we ended up having a mini baby shower, we had Flossies lovely Mum not only dropping in a present from Flossie as she was being washed away at Woolfest, but also a gift from her (I am sorry I can’t remember your name :). Then there was some regulars, skein, Jacqui, Lisa, Wibbo and of course Ellen and Nathalie. Diane had also left a gift as if you go and check out her blog you will see she has had a bit of a busy weekend.

On Sunday we had the baby shower, wonderfully hosted by Lixie, ahe had turned hers and pooch’s flat into a butterfly palace with the most gorgeous decorations. I also had the pleasure of meeting Andys brother, sister in law and neice for the first time who had travelled all the way from Milton Keynes for the day and Bob was a life saver driving us all to the party and back again even though I had no idea where we were going.

It was a wonderful mix of people from different parts of my life, we had Kath, Debs and Pauline who I have all known  since primary school age, my sister, Andy’s family, then we had people from the knitting world, Jan, Julie from Skip North, Sue, Mary and Kim my friend the bookbinder, of course not forgetting Lixie. We also had onlie guests we had Maylin, Mrs Pao, Lisa and Amy

Now for the pics, I am going to try and identify the giver but please forgive me if I get it wrong, I seem to have worn myself out completely and am sitting here with my eyes propped open with matchsticks.shower-001.jpg

First up was this wonderful cake that Julie made especially for the occasion including the mini knitted socks 🙂 and wonderfully nut free.


This is the wonderful crochet blanket that Jan made for me, it is the absolute perfect colours, I promise a better picture of this and the next present  when the cot is fully made up.


This was a wonderful cot quilt made by Lixie. These next two are made by the wonderful Sue, Ansy loves the hat 🙂


This set was knitted by Jan, In fact the hat was actually knitted during the afternoon itself 🙂


Then I had this wonderful parcel from Australia the wonderful Donna from Random Knits sent this wonderfully detailed little cardigan


Then there were these wonderful hand knitted baby clothes from Diane all with seperate motifs on them 🙂


Now there were some happy coincidences at the party Bob, Kim, Nicola and Craig gave me as part of Peanuts present a wonderful matching sleeping bag and blanket combo


and by coincidence if you look in the top right hand corner Debs managed to get me the matching short sleeved suits 🙂


another part of the present were these wonderful bibs, one for each day of the week, Pauline as part of large amount of different things were these wonderful colourful muslin squares.


Lisa sent some these lovely non toxic products each hand labelled for me and Peanut with instructions 🙂

Now a ll the rest are mixed up forst there were some lovely things for me (including a hank of Cherry tree from Lixie)


Then lots of practical stuff for the baby, in a great box that Jan gave us already filled with wonderful things.


As you can see lots of soothers and other wonderful lotions and potions.]We also have a great start on a supply of cotton wool


And Pauline brought us some terry nappies and Fiona this wonderful colourful toy plus another really useful gift. Plus Peanuts first rattle.


And some other wonderful items including these wonderful gel pads great foor bumps and lumps and such great colours from Mary.


And these are part of the gifts from Flossie and her mum


One of the towels is now sitting in the pile for the emergency hospital bag.

There are a couple of things that I didn’t photogragh, my sister gave us a wonderful high chair which is flat pack and I didn’t think a picture of a cardboard box wouldn’t be very exciting and I confess I forgot to take a picture of our wonderful new changing mat.

Again I apologise if I have got names wrong my brain is a little scrambled to day and I owe loads of thank you e-mails but I may not get around to them till the morning as I am going for an afternnon nap now 🙂



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  1. Hi sweetie,

    So, did you get entire life story within the first 5 minutes of meeting my Mum?! ;o)

    I don’t know if Mum told you, but what she gave you was only half the present for Peanut. I am just finishing the main gift for Peanut and would like to post it to you this week. Could you email me your address to
    alice _ weir AT hotmail DOT com obviously removing the spaces etc and I’ll get the gifts posted as soon as finished. Then you’ll see what a colour co-ordination freak I really am :o)

    Lots of love, Flossie xxx

  2. Oh wow, sounds like you had a great time. I really wish I could have made it, but couldn’t quite manage a trip to London that weekend!!

  3. Fantastic gifts Nic. You still have a few more to come as well! Now to put your feet up for the last month and relax.

  4. It was a privelege to be there 🙂 What great gifts!

    Can you email me your address so I can send mine to you? x

  5. abi

    Oh wow, I’ve only just found out and I am so pleased and excited for you! I only just realised you had moved to wordpress (I’ve been back a little while and couldn’t figure out why you hadn’t been posting, there’s a frailty in relying on bloglines). I’ve been meaning to come to Stash to say hi to everyone, I’ll try to do it soon. Are you still in the shop sometimes?

  6. Blimey – what fantastic gifts!

    Sorry I couldn’t be there, got all the weekends muddled up… still, looks like you had a fantastic time with such wonderful, generous knitters!

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