More knitting

After waking up to such a shocking story I was glad I wasn’t trying to make my way across London today, I know I sometimes for those who don’t live in the UK I sound a little casual about bombs and bomb threats, I think it is beacuse I have been brought up surrounded by it, especially when I was younger it was a frequent occurence even if not an actual bomb but a bomb threat.

So luclly tucked up at home for the day I got the first clue for the Mystery Stole along and immediatley cast it on and am enjoying every minute of it 🙂 even with the beads.


I have also funushed an EZ baby suprise jacket for Kisiizi although its not going to be washed in time to leave at Stash tomorrow so will have to send on to Brigid as tomorrow is my last day working. 



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5 responses to “More knitting

  1. You have a very nice start there. I look forward to knitting with beads. I currently am working on a jacket for sis in law for Christmas.

    Heres to many more knitted goodies and no dropped stitches!


  2. Hi. Glad to see that you had a good visit with the midwife and everything is OK.
    The Mystery Stole looks interesting and I wish I had the time to join it too. Beautiful jacket as well!

  3. Both projects look great. I am doing the Stole, too. I dont have my yarn yet! I had better get busy!!

  4. Looking good! My beads are crystal coloured – ie not coloured! But they catch the light. I’ll bring it to Stash tomorrow.

  5. Glad you’re ok and the trip to the midwife went alright this time. I think there is a nationwide shortage because from what I’ve been told – they were making all those midwives who had been qualified for eons take BA degrees in nursing and a lot of them decided it was an insult and left midwifery.

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