Note to self

Don’t over do things and remeber your limitations.

So yesterday I had a midwife appointment that actually went well, I am not sure whether it was because the midwife was having a better day or because Andy had the chance to come with me. I don’t mind which it was but it was a whole lot more positive, all the tests were fine no high blood pressure or anything and we think Peanut is the right way up although still no ante natal classes and as I thought it is down to lack of money and midwifes around here, as she told me she is the only midwife holding down the clinics and home births for our local area but we have managed to find out that I can do a tour of the maternity unit independently and hope to organise that when I go for a scan next week.

So back to the limitations, well for some reason I had decided to walk down to the doctors yesterday, now I haven’t done this for the last couple of times as I was finding it a strain and having to stop quite a lot so have been taking the bus, so it took us a long time (around 40mins rather than 20) to get there and then its a dodgy staircase to climb but we get there and still have an hour to wait (don’t ask), this is a good thing as it lets my blood pressure return to normal for the check up.

So all goes well and we get out and we need a couple of bits of shopping so I decided in my wisdom that maybe we should do our big weekly shop so I didn’t have to do it another day and Andy could come with me and help, now don’t get me wrong Andy is more than happy, and more than capable, of doing the weekly shop by himself but I am trying o keep doing as many things as I can for as long as I can admitedly I now have to use the smaller trolleys as I can no longer reach the bottem of the normal size ones but I take my time and its fine, so off we went and it was ok but started to suffer half way around Asda and then we had to wait an hour for a cab (this is actually cheaper than us taking the bus!!!! and more comfortable for me) by which time I am having difficulty walking and am not totally sure how I got in the cab, but I did and we got home I took some pain killers but to be honest I had the worst night ever, I couldnot get comfortable at all and have really strained my tummy muscles  so am feeling very sorry for myself today and still feeling a little under the weather although not as bad as last night where even sitting down hurt 😦

It did mean I got some more crocheting done on Green Gable


and another project which is a bit of a secret at the moment. Also lots of bad TV, well actually a lot of news headlines as I couldn’t really face watching Baseball. 

If you are joining in with the baby shower on Sunday go and say hi to Mumblings as if she isn’t viral she is going to try and come along and doesn’t know anyone 🙂



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2 responses to “Note to self

  1. Hi Nic 🙂

    Glad to hear everything’s going well still. Won’t see you tomorrow, but I’ve left a little something for you – don’t forget to take it home with you after work!

    All the best xx

  2. raker


    Glad this MW visit went well today. Still nothing happening on my front – looking at induction next week 😦

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