Recognise This


Yes its another finished item I finally dug out my swallow tail shawl from IK and did the last twenty odd rows and I also managed to block it last night, it was great have found a great use for the second hand cot mattress we got with our ebay

I still seem to be having photo issues so its not a great pic, I am taking it to its new home at Stash tomorrow so will try and get a better shot there.

I knitted it as per pattern using Alpaca Misti lace weight but if I was to do it again I would use a thicker yarn because for me it has come out on the small side.



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6 responses to “Recognise This

  1. Liz

    Ooh pretty!! I’m coming along with Jan tomorrow, so will see it; may bring along mine too for comparison – your nupps look much nicer than mine!

  2. It’s absolutely gorgeous!

  3. How lovely. What a lot of great things you’ve finished for Uganda, too.

  4. Fantastic Nic! I’m a bit worried about all this finishing off – could this be a knitter’s nesting instinct?! I agree, it comes out quite small. I thought it was great value yarn though, and it does make a great shoulder shawl.

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