So another finished item for Kisiizi, the jumper only needs buttons and a bot of a wash and is already to go, and I have started another jumper, I managed to find my Elizabeth Zimmerman pattern for the Baby suprise jacket. I am using more Jocelyn Fiber from Dawn and mixing it with some other DK to brighten it up a little, I am over half way now but it is tedious with all that garter stitch so have been working on something else which I finished today but will leave that one for

Sorry for some reasin the picture is a little out of focus I will try and get a better shot tomorrow.

We finally managed to get the room that will be the nursey cleared yesterday with Andy’s sons help now all we have to do is put the flat pack cot together. I think although I would like to give the room a lick of paint I think I have to know my limits at the moment and it can wait until after Peanut is born.

Talking of Peanut we actually managed a decent nights sleep last night a whole uniterupted five hours absolute bliss:)

We also took delivery of our first courgette delivery of the year from Andy’s father in law, I absolutely love the fresh vegtables he brings us and this year we also got some fresh garlic:)



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  1. a) I am amazed at how much knitting you manage to produce in any tiny amount of time. Considering your brain must be about as mushy as mine at 32 weeks…. I am impressed! And b) I love the look of those veggies! Yum!

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