Knitting Finished

I am definitely on a roll, I have more finished items, these are all for the Kisiizi project that Brigid is running made from some King Cole Anti Tickle Merino which Wibbo gave me for my crochet blanket


Hopefully she didn’t mind three balls escaping for the hats and this jumper which still has the arms to be sewn in and some buttons to be found.


Skein also gave me some wonderful yarn from Joslyn’s Fiber Farm called Sheeps Gift, I know people have been using this stuff for years bit it is the first time for me and it is wonderful stuff and as you can see from the picture below I am almost finished another baby jacket after casting on late last night, just half a front and a sleeve to go:)


I have for some unknown reason signed up for the Mystery Stole along Group, I know I am never going to have time to do this but I couldn’t resist, at least they give us a week off for Harry Potter.


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4 responses to “Knitting Finished

  1. Great stuff! I like the criss-cross effect on the top hat – was it embroidered?

  2. Love those hats! I see you started with the brightest colour!

  3. Wow, you are on a roll! I can’t focus on anything right now, the bump is very demanding…. Your projects look very nice!

  4. They are lovely! 🙂

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