Another finished Item!

So here it is in its full glory, the piece of knitting I have been concentrating on, well almost it still has to be blocked and washed.


Its the Curlique Blanket from Oat Couture knitted in Debbie Bliss cashmerino aran. It was a fantastic knit, I only had to pull back one section and that was down to me not concentrating, Its turned out a little larger than I though but if I manage to knit nothing else for Peanut I have managed this 🙂 I highly recommend it as a pattern, its a perfect answer when knitting blankets of there not being huge amounts of unchanging rows.

This week seems to have been a little busier than I expected, me and Andy went to the National Theatre on Tuesday for his birthday treat, thankfully because of the Travelex season they have it makes it as cheap as going to the cinema these days. We saw A Matter of Life and Death based on the Micheal Powell film, it was amazing, don’t go expecting an exact copy of the film its a musical for a start but it is also a lot darker, I would highly recommend it.

Yesterday I went to see my midwife, this didn’t go to well, although me amd Peanut are fine, I am getting a little frustrated with the whole system, I know I am whinging again, Iknow that midwifes are over worked and I also understand that billions of women have given birth before but I haven’t, this is my first child and the only thing that os keeping me vaguely sane about it all at the moment is the fact that I have some good friends who give me advice. No medical staff seem to be interested in the fact that I now can’t walk to the doctors as it is just that bit to far, or that I am having trouble with my Iron suplements (although I have a three month supply of Spatone), or the fact that I haven’t done any ante natal classes and so on and so forth. Don’t get me wrong all the midwifes and consultants I have met at the hospital have been wonderful but I just seem to be left to it a lot, I am not sure what I expect but I am paranoid in that same way any first time mother must be, all those strange feelings that you will never have experienced before, I know its not only me after talking to someone else in the waiting room who seems to be having the same experience, so I guess I am kind of on my own reading everything I can get my hands on and talking to everyone I know:) Ok moaning over.

Knitting wise I have finished a hat for Kisiizi and am concentrating finishing the cardigan.



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12 responses to “Another finished Item!

  1. Denise

    Hello love … e.mail me … haven’t had any luck with your e.mail recently … if theres anything I can do or help with let me know.
    all love & care to you all

  2. Lovely blanket Nic! What a pain for you, all of this. Just keep thinking that things are still ok at your check ups. Have you contacted the nct to see if there are any local ante-natal classes? It would be so good for you to meet up with other mums-to-be.

  3. Love the blanket. Ante natal class provision can be a bit hit and miss I think. Does the hospital offer any courses? I think you normally start them around 32 weeks or so. NCT classes are good but not cheap, although there are sometimes bursaries available. Keep making a fuss – you deserve some support, especially first time around.

  4. HUG!

    I know of people who had to travel out of the county for antenatal classes so it isn’t just your area. Hope you find something!

  5. raker


    I am due next week (gulp) and was also a bit worried earlier on in my pregnancy at just how hands-off it all seemed to be (this is my first baby too, and only person I could really compare myself with was best friend in belfast who had loads of problems and was being scanned every 2 weeks and attending a special clinic). This was nothing really to do with the midwife, or her attitude, it was just very “right you’re fine, see you in a month” kind of thing.

    I have since been reassured by quite a number of people in the area (Swindon) that this is the preferred method of dealing with normal, no cause for concern pregnancies, but as soon as things kick off on the labour front, they cannot do enough for you, to make your experience as great as it can be.

    I have not heard even one slightly scary story from this PCT – I used to share a house with a paediatrician and nurses in Oxford, and the stuff they told me from there was toe curling.

    I bought a couple of books early on (Miriam Stoppard was one) but stopped reading them and those ridiculous Pregnancy magazines as they kept insisting the midwife would do X or Y at week 26, and that just never happened – local PCT policy. So it took a couple of weeks, but I just chilled out about the whole thing, and was just relieved that things seemed to be so normal I was just being allowed to get on with it.

    We had a great NHS antenatal class taken by 2 midwives one Saturday, with a follow up tour of hospital the next week – that was when I was about 32 weeks I think. I had more of a nightmare with the NCT – local branch where I live is crap in terms of admin. [I know they’re volunteers, but contacting them about classes on 15 Feb, only to be told on 22 April that they were all full, I should have booked earlier (???!!!!??!?) is MORE than annoying.] I met up with a different NCT group in Swindon, and they were great, we’re all still in touch, and did the course over 2 Saturdays and a Thursday evening. It was £98 for the 2 of us to attend, and it was definitely worth it, in terms of meeting people more than anything else. The NCT website should be able to give you details of local events, but as another commenter said, you might have to travel a bit to get in somewhere.

    Try to relax about it – I know it’s much easier said than done, from experience – but if there were problems for you I think that they’d be dealing with you differently.

    Love your blanket, by the way!

  6. That blanket is lovely. I wish I had knitted before having my babies so that I could have knitted them lovely little stuff.
    I think the baby thing is the same the country over, not that that makes it right at all. I had a couple of really good community midwives but I also had a few horrid ones and it was hit and miss who I would see and if there was something they mentioned one week but didn’t go into detail about, I would worry about it until the next appointment.
    I was working when I was pg with my first and working an hour + from home so had no antenatal classes as they were finishing as I got home from work. After I had my son, I discovered the NCT and they were my lifeline in the early days and really until we moved across the country, those women did keep me sane because they are going through and have gone through all the things that you are going through so they know where you are coming from. If you can, I would try to get on one of their courses. They are expensive but they have provisions for low income families and will give you the classes free if you can’t afford them (I know in London, they are rising to about £200 so they are VERY pricey if you pay the full price), just tell them how much you can or can’t afford and they will help out. I wish I knew this when I was pg because I didn’t look into the NCT because I couldn’t afford them so didn’t look into going to them.
    The other thing that kept me sane was the Internet and mother and baby websites. I used a lot when I was pregnant and recently, (that is where I met Sarah, Gemma and Lottie).
    Sorry I’ve waffled loads but I often read your blog and never get around to commenting.
    Take care of yourself and Peanut.

  7. Gorgeous blanket Nic!

    Fingers crossed you get more attention and a decent midwife. It seems just awful for you to be left in the dark like that…especially as more care is usually the norm when a pregnancy is in the last term.
    I hope it gets better,
    Susan xxx

    (try not to stress too much if you can help it) 😉

  8. Hi Nic
    Gorgeous blanket! Love the colour!

    I’m sorry that you are having a bit of a hard time with the NHS, but that does seem to be the norm. Sometimes you just need to insist for some extra care.

    I personally didn’t find the NCT antenatal classes that helpful, my little boy arrived very early and I had gathered a lot of information from reading and research on my own. The Internet is a wonderful tool – as Nic said, check out and What I did find useful was a trip to the Birth suite at the hospital as it gave me a better idea of what to expect.

    Hope you are feeling better.

  9. lix

    La la la “love is all you need” lalala.

    I wish I had some experience you could draw on but as the beatles pointed out, perhaps a little too simplistically, love is a major part of all this. You are going to love your baby so much and do all you can to care for it. You’re going to be a fab mother x

    PS: That blanket is *awesome*. Did you get the pattern in the UK?

  10. Nic, that blanket is stunning. Wow.

    I know how frustrating it is not being able to walk for very long. Your sense of freedom alters completely. Perhaps the best thing to do vis-a-vis the NHS is to find out exactly what is offered by your local health service, either by looking at their website or by getting in touch. If indeed there are services offered that you are not receiving, get in touch with the receptionist at the doctors (almost impossible to get in touch with an actual medical professional unless you make an appointment) and ask how you can access them.
    I didn’t find out about the ME management course I’ve just done until 18 months after I got ill, and only then it was because I went to a different doctor than normal and said I wasn’t coping so well. If I hadn’t, who knows if I’d have ever been referred. At least half of the others on the course had had ME for less time and had it more moderately. Grrr.

  11. The Curlique blanket is so interesting and unusual. Thanks for sharing. I just adore a monochrome blankets that have texture. I might just have to make this one for a friend. Have you stocked the pattern for your shop?

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