I’m back

Well ok I have been back a couple of days but just about recovered now, I slept till midday yesterday, unheard of in the last eight months.

I had a good time catching up with Dad even if I didn’t get anything I had planned done, mostly due to the heat, it took far more out of me than I expected. In fact I was a little stupid on Friday and allowed myself to get dehydrated nso retired to bed with electric fan for a couple of hours and didn’t visit anyone that I was supposed to. It was lovely in Stash on Saturday not only because they have Air conditioning but a lot of our regulars were in for some good knitting but I did manage to resist any temptations in the sale though.

 Thought I would give you a sneaky peak at what I have been working on

I am almost there, just another 90 rows to go so full pictures soon 🙂 I have been very disciplined about finishing this but I am itching to get back to knitting  baby clothes for Brigids Kisiizi Project, speaking of which she has just put up an update with more exact details of what is needed so go and check it out here.

One last thing, as time is passing quickly (I am 30 weeks now only 65 days to go) I am putting up a last reminder for the baby shower that Lixie is very kindly holding for me on the 1st of July.



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2 responses to “I’m back

  1. I’ll be there (not sure if in person or online yet but I will definitely be there!) cos I’m always a bit shy at those sorts of things!

  2. Is that a blanket? I love the colour and it looks very comfy indeed. I’ll look forward to seeing you at the shower. xx

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