Little bit of a rant

Sorry still no pics, I’ll try and post some later, I am still having trouble with our photo editing programme at the moment.

I am putting down the frustrating time I had with the midwife yesterday to the fact that she was a stand in for our regular one and hope when I get to see my normal one in a fortnight I will be a lot happier, basically if I was more Paranoid than I am I would say she was looking for something to be wrong because of my size and because she couldn’t find anything she started pulling at straws with all sorts of randomness. I have calmed down after a reassuring e-mail from a fellow pregnant blogger. I have recieved a letter from the hospital today though telling me to go back on my iron tablets, I thought we had balanced it out with my diet but apparently its not enough so I am going to look for some alternatives to the ones I have at present as they make me feel bad.

I spoke to dad earlier and he is sounding very positive at the moment, I am going over to stay for a couple of days next week as Andy is away so should get some good knitting time in. The only problem he has at the moment is his neighbour, now we have alwys got on reasonably well with her, always says hello and such like but apparently she has put in a formal complaint about the ramp te council has built along our front path to allow dad some independence, now although its not a designer ramp I have seen far worse and has a nice decorative brick edging and its not as though she tends to her front garden, all she does is once a year is empty a box of weed killer on it and occassionally cuts the hedge, there are no plants or anything in it but apparently it offends her, I know it has very little to do with it bit she potrays herself as a God fearing woman and we haven’t once complained about the early morning christian meetings that she has in the house that are very loud but it only lasts a couple of hours but she cannot see that this at least gives dad a small piece of independence and allows him to get out of the house by himself even if it is only down to the shop for a newspaper. She hasn’t offered once to help with the shopping or anything like this although she has a car and my brother and dad don’t and I don’t really expect her to but just a little understanding would be nice. Ok sorry rant over it is just very frustrating that sometimes we take some steps forward that now look as though it could be taken away.

Ok I am off to go and put my feet up as ordered and do a little knitting.



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12 responses to “Little bit of a rant

  1. Have you tried Spatone? It’s sachets of iron water (you drink it in fruit juice!). I got mine at Holland & Barrett, but I’ve seen it in bigger supermarkets too.

  2. Hi – sorry your midwife was so unhelpful – Spatone is one possibility (although it’s iron content is much lower than iron tablets) – the info they give on how to maximise iron absorption is pretty good though. The other possibility is simply to ask for different iron tablets – I had ferrous sulphate, and they were awful, but there are other bases – I think ferrous fumarate is the one I’m thinking of (just had a quick google…)

    As for the neighbour – grrrrr!

  3. Hi Nic, Floradix is a good iron suppplement. doesn’t cause the problems associated wiht iron tablets. tastes awful, but hey, some things you just gotta put up with!
    sorry the midwife wasn’t great. i often felt that some of them were *always* looking for a problem, and were almost disappointed to send you away happy and healthy. luckily most aren’t like that!
    your poor dad doesn’t need his neighbour hassle, eh? good luck while you’re staying there!

  4. Ah – I know well such neighbours. I’m a neighbour mediator: the formal complaint is one of those awfully misused weapons that does nobody any favours unless it is a truly legitimate one so don’t worry too much about the affect it’ll have on your Dad’s relationship with the council. It may be that she’s fine with it but that she resents not being consulted – though it seems unnecessary. If you do want to get to the bottom of it and try to understand why she’s done such a thing I suggest inviting her round for coffee – on the advice of a mediator – and explaining the need for the ramp. I’m very glad you and the baby are getting on ok and I’m sorry to hear you’re still suffering – it’s not fair at all! Remember to be very good to yourself, especially while Andy is away xxx

  5. hmmm, a sizist midwife and a non-christian Christian! If things are fine with your health, I’d disregard this last antenatal, and look forward to your regular midwife in a few weeks, you can grumble to her about this other one. As for your father’s neighbour, I doubt anything will come of it, the council put the ramp in, it’s a council property and he needs access. I’m directing some calming thoughts your way!

  6. HUG x

    What a frustrating and awful woman! There is certainly more to being a Christian than prayer meetings – it’s to do with attitude. I hope that she is never in the situation where she would need a ramp built for her! (sorry, got a teensy bit mad there)

    That midwife should be shot for insensitivity! I hope you manage to see your normal one soon.

    Waves to Peanut!

  7. Sorry the midwife was less than helpful. I don’t want to override any medical advice, but I found the whole iron tablet/anaemia issue confusing in both my pregnancies and tended to get conflicting advice on various appointments. I ended up not taking iron tablets and stuck to Floradix; hope you find the solution that is best for you and Peanut.

  8. I’ll second Floradix. I was anemic after a C Section with DD after having fab iron levels all the way through my pregnancy despite being a veggie. Iron tablets TOTALLY bunged me up which wasn’t pleasant but the liquid tonic sorted me out & doesn’t taste too bad.

  9. We have neighbors that don’t like anybody parking in front of their house. If a car parks on the street in front of their house they turn the sprinklers on full blast & soak the car! I think some people just like to cause problems. And what ever happened to a little sympathy???
    A friend of mine became really sick when she took those iron pills, so she just stop taking them. The baby was fine. Not the best advice, but there it is.
    Hope they can give you some alternative choices.

  10. Sorry you has such a frustrating time with your midwife, Nic (((hug))) They can be a right PITA sometimes… least your usual one is okay. Lets hope you see her all the time from now on…
    And I am with Anne…….grr at your Dad’s “christian” nieghbour…
    More (((hug))) from me….
    Take care!
    Sarah xXx

  11. Hope you have been able to stay strong and centred. I am so glad I live in the middle of nowhere and don’t have to put up with neighbours.
    Hugs and good vibes coming your way.

  12. hipknitskerrie

    Some midwives really can be horrible, when I had brooke a midwife at the king george refused to examine me when I said I thought I was in labour because I didn’t look like I was having contractions. We persevered and asked to see another midwife who was lovely, found me to be 7cm dilated and Brooke was born a couple of hours later. I always expected them all to be lovely but it doesn’t always work like that. I’m glad you guys are doing well, it won’t be long now. How exciting. xx

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