Awake at Last

I know that was a long nap, have felt a bit wiped out the last couple of days and have now woken up with a bit of a sniffle which might explain it.

As I said last time all was well at the check up, as ever my blood pressure always seem to be a suprise to Midwifes, but stable as ever and that was after chasing after a nurse down  a corridor. The appointment itself wasn’t perfect as I didn’t get some of my questions answered and I was told off (sort of) for not seeing a midwife where in fact I would love to see a midwife but have been unable to make an appointment until next week, apparently Romford is having a baby boom. I hope I have more luck with my local midwife this week as the Spd is getting worse unfortunately but I hear that physio can relieve it but have to be put forward for it.

Knitting wise the maple swirl socks have come to a bit of a halt, well not really but have to undo the last bit I did so no point taking a pic as will look just like the last one. I have been feeling a bit guilty about how many socks I have on needles after digging them all out as examples for my sock class last week so have managed to finish a couple of

Unfortunatly I still have to knit the other ones but I feel a little better. The turquoise one is a cotton mix yarn I got from Web of Wool ,and is Mode Cotton from Socka, which is gorgeous and soft and a joy to knit (knitted on Dpns) , the brown and turquoise one if my own hand dyed ‘bruised ego’ and is for Andy(knitted on a single circular). They are both toe up using Queen Kahunas Fan tail and short row heels.

The trip home for the first couple of days this week didn’t quite work out as well as it could, yes it looks like the studio has been taken and the en dis in sight but the decorating didn’t go so well as I have realised how much I am now restricted by Peanut 😦 Not sure what the solution is going to be for the decorating but it has to be done. We cleared everything out though and I thought I should make it clear that the only reason we had to destroy some things that we couldn’t get rid of them any other way, we had given away a lot to friends and local charities but what was left wasn’t considered suitable for anything but fire wood. In the end Silkwood were wonderful and helped us out no end and a lot of the wood was taken to be reused for other things so wasn’t so much of a waste. We did start on the decorating but didn’t get as far as we would have liked and suffered for all our hard work the next day.

The trip home wasn’t helped by finding that my dad has returned to chain smoking which is difficult at the best of time as I don’t like really smoky enviroments but even more so now I am very wary of it and it even affected Andy the folowing day.



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3 responses to “Awake at Last

  1. Okay, I first laid eyes on your gorgeous hand dyed on Wyesue’s blog ( hers a bit more reddish ) and now You have posted more….
    I want some!
    Do you have more available???
    (email me & let me know the details or where you sell it)
    I loooove it 🙂

    ** Sorry to hear about your Dad. It seems smoking is one of the hardest habits to quit.

    Hope all works out w/the studio,
    take care xxx.

  2. Hug! I hope you can have a bit of a rest now! I know from friends and colleagues that the last few months of pregnancy can be extremely exhausting but it will be worth it!

  3. My Mum was an antenatal/postnatal physio before she retired and used to hand out belt support things for people with spd (she used to bring piles of them home to wash and I can remember them festooned all over the kitchen drying!)

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