Great Thursday

So finally I get around to blogging, this week seems to have vanished, unfortunately Andy hasn’t been feeling very well and has just come back from the docs where we think what has caused the biggest problem is advice from a previous doctors visit being completely wrong and causing a medication problem so hopefully he will feel a lot better in the next couple of days.

I did manage to get to Liberty’s last night for the (in theory) last ever knitting group there, I think to be honest the struggle it was to get back I think it will be mine anyway. It was wonderful to catch up with lots of people I haven’t seen in a while. Even if I had to leave before the end.

I also got a lovely birthday present from Yvonne, this is beautiful sock yarn from The yarn yard with a small extra skein for the toes and heels.


 I am afraid no update on the Maple Swirl Socks as have got to a tricky bit og grafting so have been slightly side tracked by the appeal on Thumb Gussett for baby stuff for Uganda go and check it out. I realised although we aren’t well off at least we have a rough over our head with lots of wonderful friends who have given and lent us stuff for the baby and it seemed appropriate to knit for another baby.


I have a few more things to say but have to go and make lasagne for dinner.



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3 responses to “Great Thursday

  1. Thanks for the link – one of my ex-housemates is from Uganda so it would be great to knit stuff for babies from her country!
    That sock yarn looks fantastic…

  2. I love the Yarn Yard, I actually joined the Club so I get my monthly ‘fix’… And I sure hope I get some of that Lasagna?
    I see… Well, I hope Andy feels better!

  3. Hope Andy feels better soon.

    Thanks for the links for Yarn Yard and the place in Uganda. I have a friend who has gone to work there.

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