Warning photo Heavy

Finally we have pictures:)

First up is some plants that Andy’s father in law gave us.


There are a yellow courgette and a green corgette and three types of tomatoes, unfortunately one of the tomatoes didn’t survive while we were away at Silkwood but all the rest are now waiting to be planted out.

Then these are the lovely gifts from Michelle who brought them back from the US


She has added to my dishclothe love with a great ball of pink Sugar and cream, some wonderful Boyes needles and a ball of Lion Brand Moonlight Mohair which looks far better in real life than in the picture.

Then these were waiting for me when I got home from work the Saturday before last.


The book is half patchwork and half crochet and knitting and has some great tunisian crochet patterns in it, he found it at the local charity shop and he found the Knit Today in the newsagent and thought I might like it, isn’t he wonderful.

I have worked more on the sock but will put those pictures on a seperate post.


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  1. I just bought loads of plants from a jumble sale at the weekend 🙂 My tomatoes haven’t enjoyed much luck being outside – it has been too windy for them so I think they are on their last legs 😦

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