Happier Note

Feeling a bit better today, had a reasonable nights sleep which always help. Unfortunately though I am still unable to show pics of the presents I got as for some reason the picture editing programme I have on here is not working so I can’t reduce to size of the memory that they take up.

Had a wonderful day at Stash yesterday with a fun class of beyond basics and Diane popped into visit as well as Ellen and Nathalie being there plus all the regulars. A bit of a long haul home but manage dto get home in time to order pizza and settle down with Scott and Andy to watch the Eurovision, my vote was for Sweden you can’t go wrong with a bit of glam rock.


I have manage to complete yet another section of the maple swirl socks (yhaving the same photo problems) and I rediscovered how much I love unexpected knitting by Debbie New.


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3 responses to “Happier Note

  1. I voted for Ukraine, hehe! Even though I thought the winning song was a bit rubbish, I am pleased as I am half Serbian!

  2. I had to be Belarus – wasn’t he shockingly fit? Or Slovenia because I loved her song… but Serbia will do because at least she had a decent song!

    Peanut might have developed a taste in bad European music for all we know now!!!

  3. Hungary for me but I can see what you liked about the Swedish chainmail chestwig – do you think they will catch on?

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