Sew What

Feeling a lot more positive today, the hormones have swung the other way, although I think me and Andy have picked up a little bug as neither of us feel 100% but we have had a nice quiet day in doing boring stuff and of course because it is boiling outside I have cooked stew and dumplings 🙂

I have almost finished my crochet swatches so just need blocking and also the class notes so I don’t have to worry about that. I also found this on my trip to the library last night.rom.jpg

Now I know that it isn’t a replacement for a knitting group but it could be fun and a good way of meeting other crafty people from the area:)


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5 responses to “Sew What

  1. oh i think that’s great – I think it’s better than *just* a knitting group!
    City Knitty started out as just a knitting group, but it’s grown and changed and is full of people who do all sorts of stuff. When we went to the museum of scotland I even got to get the macrame out!

    I think if you can make the first meeting, *you* will have a lot to do with what sort of group it ends up being.

    Wow. I wish my library would do that… and of course it appeals to me because sewing is my first love. crochet and knitting are great, but the problem is that you have to make the fabric first!

    (you might like to have a quiet word about the “exchange patterns” bit tho!)

  2. no wait, do you actually live in the London Borough of *Havering*? Fantastic!

    Havering, in Scots (with a long A) is talking tripe or nonsense. I would love to live in Havering!

  3. that would be a nice way to meet people in your “new” area!


  4. That looks like it could be fun 🙂

  5. Oooh, how cool! Makes me want to be a librarian somewhere like that!

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