Sunny Day

Sorry for the break in blogging I got a bit of the baby blues (is that possible before I give birth?) anyway it was just the hormones doing interesting things but feeling a bit sunnier today.

Well the good news is that the GTT test came back negative so no diabetes for me:) although have started to feel that really tired thing again like in the first three months.

We had another quiet day at Stash on Saturday I hope its not as quiet next week as I am supposed to be teaching crochet for beginners and have started on my swatchs and notes for the class so I hope we don’t have to cancel.

Knitting and crochet wise I am working on a couple of larger projects off of cones from my stash so are to large to carry around (more details in a couple of months), I still have to frog the new crochet blanket, I haven’t had the heart to do it so far:( and have got no further on the toe up socks as they really aren’t inspiring me at the moment. I keep looking at freeform projects and being inspired to start something new (I know I shouldn’t). These are some of the links that are inspiring me. Diane Leshins bags  are beautiful and this piece is amazing, I think I like the free form pieces that limit their colour palette. Spinning wise I am still fighting with the new wheel as I am still not happy with it.

We’re off to Sutton on Friday to house sit bunnies and cats  for the bank holiday so a bit of a change of scenery.



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3 responses to “Sunny Day

  1. Hang in there. I know you probably feel like you have been pregnant forever…and I won’t lie…the last 3 mos can be very uncomfortable. But you are almost there! and before you know it, You & Andy will be holding that tiny little creature in your arms!
    Big Hug & Prayers,

  2. you’re feeling tired now. . .

    ho ho ho!!!

    ; – )

    (the baby blues is the worst – just get all the help you can, eat and sleep and rest and find time for yourself – put coping mechanisms in place)(I’m teaching you to suck eggs, aren’t I? sorry)

  3. Hope you are feeling better now. Only a few months and you’ll have a wonderful Peanut to cuddle x

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