Six Months tomorrow

Finally I have made it to the six month mark well I will have by midnight, I never really felt that I was going to make it this far so it is very reassuring to feel Peanut disco dancing in my belly:) I spent the morning having a GTT test, basically its a test to see if I have Diabetes which involed me not eating or drinking anything but water for twelve hours and then have some blood taken and then you are made to drink this awful sweet liquid and then you have to rest for a couple of hours and then more blood. It wasn’t pleasent but all I have to do now is wait 24hrs and wait and see if I get a phone call tomorrow afternoon. I am at high risk because both my brother and Dad are Diabetic but my blood sugar level so far has been perfect so fingers crossed.

During the two hour wait I managed to get some more done on my toe up socks in curious yarns, I am trying to write a crib sheet for Crazy Toes and Heels os I don’t have to work from the book everytime.feb-007.jpg

I also started another ripple blanket, just a smaller one this time (pram size) but I am going to have to frog it as I think I need to use a larger hook as the fabric is to stiff:(

I have also thinking about using this pattern for the alpaca that I brought in the white, I found it via the Mason Dixon blog.

I have been very good though as I haven’t cast anything new on:) I have been making these though 


Recycled newspaper potting pots, I found great instructions here and we will give it a go.



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9 responses to “Six Months tomorrow

  1. Congrats on the six-month mark!

    That test sounds gruelling…I would have been starving!

  2. Wow, 24 weeks already, seems like it was yesterday when you were nearly 22 weeks! That’s a lovely stole pattern, isn’t it?

  3. KT

    Good luck with your test, my oldest son is diabetic. Needles and fingers crossed for you!

  4. Hope the test proves to work out for you. I know how scary the thought of diabetes can be – I have to be careful because my mum had it. x

  5. Hope the test worked out OK.
    Thanks for the link to the newspaper plant pots – great, and really useful!!

  6. Hello there, I am 6 months now too! How nice, and congratulations! (I can only imagine not eating for 12 hours, it seems like Scotland is not doing that test on me for now…)
    And a nice blog as well. Keep up the knitting!

  7. Yea! the 6 month marker already!!! You are in the home stretch. (ooooh, probably shouldn’t mention the word “stretch” to a pregnant lady ;)) sorry..hehehe.
    Anyway…..Glad you are doing good & very nice toe-up socks btw. I keep telling myself to do 2 @ once. Is it a easy???
    Take care & a big hug.

  8. I am so pleased for you!




    like the newspaper thingy!

    oh, and if you have a moment please join me tomorrow (or today!) for my birthday celebrations!

    (everyone welcome. . .)

    : – )

  9. Great newspaper pots. Thanks for the link!

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