First up here is the picture of the angora mix we found at the charity shop on Thursday, I have been very good and haven’t even wound it into balls let alone cast anything on.feb-004.jpg

I am still determined to knit at least one of them into a shawl for me but I have decided to finish a couple of things first. First up is the Skip North Afghan, I finished the square I was doing this is it before blocking


Well ok its a bit of the square, have had some fun playing with colours on the diagonal:)

I had a lovely day at Stash yesterday with a couple of friends dropping by besides the regulars, a lot of discussion on the sex of peanut took place and we didn’t quite break out the gold ring but there is still no conclusion on whether Peanut is a boy or a girl.

I finally got home last night after ending up in the middle of the Fulham football fans but sat down and watched doctor who quite happily with dinner about 9pm, I do love having On demand 🙂

So I am going back to watching the coverage of the London Marathon for a couple of hours and maybe then I mught attempt some house work:) but then again the knitting might win.



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6 responses to “Sunday

  1. I’ll be dropping into Stash in a couple of weeks – Saturday 5th – if you’re about? Will be great to finally meet you!

    I’ll be with 2 fellow bloggers too 🙂

  2. Hi Nic
    Good to hear from you – as you can see I now have my own little quiet corner of blogland – I’m still fiddling with it so yes, I changed the template so your computer is fine!

    Can’t wait to see our afghan when it’s done.

  3. ooooooohhh, that Angora mix looks heavenly!
    Nice work on the afghan too 🙂

    The two pics together make me think of fluffy bunnies 😉

  4. Sounds like you’re getting used to a slower pace of things. Hard, isn’t it? But it gets much easier. I do love all the colours you put up here and your camera is such that you can almost discern the texture of the various wools and fabrics you use. It’s like a feast for the senses – just what one needs on a muggy morning. Whether it’s a boy or a girl it’ll be the most well dressed littlun in London! x

  5. so glad everything is going well!


  6. Glad you are sounding so well 🙂

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