One of those Days

 We had a lovely day yesterday, I had a few aches and pains but we managed to go out onto Romford together and look in some charity shops, which may not sound exciting to some, but it is something we both enjoy as Andy loves his music and I am a book fiend, plus we had a couple of chores to run. It was a beautiful day with blue skys and even better Andy had spotted some yarn in one of the shops earlier in the week and I hadn’t managed to get there before and I managed to come away with two lovely bags of unlabelled Angora mix yarn, I am not sure what the other part of the yarn is but on is a lovely pure white and the other is what I call angora grey. I haven’t done the burn test yet and my camera’s batteries have run out so charging now so no pics but I have about 400g in the white in what looks like a 4ply and about 500g in the grey which looks more like a double knit. So although I have three hundred things on the needles I have been looking for a lace pattern for the white as Angora is one of the few yarns  I can wear against my skin I have visions of a wonderful stole or wide scarf. Any suggestions welcome

Today hasn’t gone so well, to start with Andy has managed to put his back out just by getting out of bed this morning but still had to go and get his pescription two buses away as they wouldn’t give it to me:( plus some peope we thought might take the studio pulled out this afternoon and finally well we won’t even talk about my family.

On the baby shower front I think I need to make something more clear, Lixie is hosting the bash and not me to save me any stress and it won’t be at my house for the same reason, I am also worried that some peoples invite has ended up in peoples spam folders   😦 .

Never mind it looks like we are going to have a wonderful weekend if a little humid.


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  1. Charity shops are very exciting – you never know what you’ll come home with. Hope the aches and pains are better x

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