So here is Peanuts latest phot shoot results, just a head shot this time, she was being a little stubborn and facing the completely wrong way but you can work out his/her nose and eye and chin and lips. Everything else is where it should be and the doctor was happy but we get to have another scan in three weeks to see the chambers in the heart as we couldn’t get a good veiw this time but there is nothing to indicate ther is a problem. I still have the same edd of 16th of August.

Knitting wise I did cast on a sock with the socks that rock but decided after working an inch of the main pattern it was to busy colour wise for the pattern so frogged that. Have started knitting a square to complete the Skip North Afghan.

Still very excited by the baby shower:) Lixie is doing a great job.

Just a quick edit, I know I called Peanut  she just a slip of a finger we still do not know what sex he/she is and she was in an awkward position this time so even if I knew what I was looking for I couldn’t see to much. So although I have no problem putting a boy in Pink not time for all the frills and lace yet:)



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6 responses to “Picture

  1. Sue

    Does this mean I can get out the pink wool and lacey patterns!



  2. Now who does Peanuts look like? What a fantastic scan picture!

  3. That is incredibly clear. What a fantastic scan of Peanut’s little face 😉 You must be very emotional & excited right now!
    so IS peanut a She, or did you make an ooops???
    Just Beautiful. I am thrilled for you!

  4. Lovely scan photo. All babies start off as she anyway don’t they?

  5. Wonderful picture, Nic! J x

  6. Fab picture! Now, I still don’t get why you won’t make it to Greenbelt this year…

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