So finally got back into the land of the living unfortunately felt like the living dead after an extreme attack of reflux and heartburn had kept me up most of Friday night, in fact ended up with just two hours but got to Stash, and normally I wouldn’t say this but thankfully it was a very quiet day and Diane was great and did any running up and down stairs that was required. We did have a few of the regulars in and a lot of knittong was done but didn’t have the patience to concentrate on anything as was still suffering alot. I think it was decided that Peanut was laying funny:( Thankfully after Doctor Who she/he seemed to have moved so wasn’t on quiet so much pain so had a very early night. To be honest the person I feel sorry for at the moment is Andy as I am not much fun to be around when I am ill, I tend to cut myself off from everyone, I am not a great patient, and I have snapped at him a couple of times and I don’t mean to, this and the fact that I am actually not enjoying going out at the moment he has a lot to deal with, but he os wonderful and puts up with it all with out complaint even though he has now got my bug:(Never mind all that I did manage to have a play with the new wheel today, and eventually after an hour or so managed to get it going well. This was down to a combination of things, firstly I haven’t spun in five months so very rusty, I have never used this kind of wheel before and is perfect for spinning finer yarns which I can’t do on my country so the drafting is slightly different, plus it needed a bit of candle waxing. The only thing I haven’t managed is to get a draw on the yarn when plying so a little more playing required.


Sorry no picture of the yarn produced as it is not good. I am off to walk round for a bit to see if I can move Peanuts feet from my Liver 🙂

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